Valuable Features For A Vehicle That You'll Take Off-Roading

Valuable Features For A Vehicle That You'll Take Off-Roading

Valuable Features For A Vehicle That You'll Take Off-Roading

9 July 2020
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If you're a serious vehicle enthusiast, you might have a vehicle that you use for everyday commuting and errands and another that you use for weekend adventures. An off-roading vehicle allows you to easily navigate difficult terrain, whether you're camping, fishing, hunting, or simply enjoying being out in nature. For a vehicle to be successful off-road, it will possess several key attributes, including an elevated body and tires with plenty of grip. You'll also want to choose a model that has several other features that will come in handy when you're off the beaten path. Here are some examples.

Folding Mirrors

When you're navigating difficult terrain, you'll occasionally encounter areas that are extremely narrow. You'll feel a lot more confident about squeezing through these spaces — between two trees, for example — if you choose a vehicle that has folding mirrors. Being able to reach out of your windows and pull each mirror close to the body of the vehicle will provide you with a few more inches of clearance. In many scenarios, this may be the difference between getting through a tight area and needing to turn back to find a different route.

Back-Up Camera

Back-up cameras are available on many vehicles that never make their way off a paved road. For example, a large sedan will frequently have this feature to allow its owner to park in tight spaces with ease. When you're shopping for a vehicle that you'll take off-road, this is definitely a feature that will come in handy. There will be times that you'll need to back up or make a multi-point turn in a tight environment. Having a back-up camera and being able to watch the camera's feed through the monitor on your dashboard will allow you to be acutely aware of your surroundings.

Fog Lamps

Fog lamps don't have a significant amount of value on everyday vehicles, but they're a must for a vehicle that you'll drive in off-road conditions. Not only will they help to brighten the space in front of you to help you identify any hazards, but there may also be scenarios in which you want to turn the headlights off and rely exclusively on the fog lamps. For example, if you're returning to a campsite late at night and you don't want your headlights waking up people who might be sleeping, you can engage the fog lamps and creep quietly toward where you'll park for the night.

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