4 Things To Know About Buying A Car During The Coronavirus

4 Things To Know About Buying A Car During The Coronavirus

4 Things To Know About Buying A Car During The Coronavirus

22 May 2020
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Many states are slowly coming out of lockdown, with businesses now required to take steps to protect people from getting sick when they visit their business and use their services. This has impacted all aspects of the economy, including car dealerships.

Thing #1: Dealerships Are Working to Create a Clean Buying Experience

Just like other businesses, dealerships are working to create a clean environment so you feel comfortable coming into their dealership to do business. Many dealerships are implementing practices such as disinfecting the doorknobs and showrooms throughout the day. They may also be wiping down and cleaning cars in between each test drive. In some states, you may see the salespeople wearing protective cloth facemasks as another tool to keep their customers safe.

Thing #2: Test Driving a Car May Look a Little Different

Right now, test driving a car may look a little different.

Some dealerships are moving to a model where they will bring the car you are interested in to your home so you can test drive the vehicle. This reduces the amount of traffic coming in and out of the dealership and allows the dealership to clean the vehicles both before and after your test drive.

Some dealerships are now asking that you make an appointment to test drive vehicles and to let them know in advance what vehicles you want to test drive. This will allow the dealership to make sure they have the proper amount of time to clean vehicles in between test drives. Making an appointment also allows the dealership to pace the flow of customers and limit how many people are at the dealership at the same time in order to maintain social distancing.

Thing #3: Complete the Sale Online

Many dealerships are also moving to complete the sales online. Instead of sitting at the dealership desk, you may send emails or talk over the phone to come up with the selling price of the vehicle. You may submit financing and selling paperwork online or through a digital application. This will help reduce the time you spend up close in a small office.

Thing #4: Home Delivery of Your New Vehicle

Once the sale is complete, the vehicle may be delivered to your home instead of having you come to the dealership to pick up the vehicle.  

Buying a car during coronavirus may look a little different than before, but keep in mind that all car dealerships want to answer your questions and help you find the best possible vehicle to fit your needs. Spend some time researching the type of car you want, then set up an appointment with your local car dealership to test drive the cars you are interested in.

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