4 Fascinating Features To Look For When Shopping For A New Luxury Car

4 Fascinating Features To Look For When Shopping For A New Luxury Car

4 Fascinating Features To Look For When Shopping For A New Luxury Car

1 May 2020
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Whether you are shopping for a brand-new minivan or a basic sedan, buying a new car is always a cool experience. However, when you get the opportunity to shop for a vehicle that is a bit more high-end, things get even more interesting. Modern-day luxury vehicles are outfitted with some of the most impressive features, and there is no way you want to step into the shopping experience without knowing about a few of them. Take a look at five fascinating features you will only find in the latest luxury vehicles. 

1. Auto-darkening sunroof glass. 

Sunroofs have commonly been implemented in luxury cars because they are a luxury item that can make cruising even more enjoyable. Yet, the typical sunroof can also pose some problems if the sun is too bright. You get more sunlight than you want when the glass is closed and maybe even radiating heat from the sun. Some luxury models are outfitted with auto-darkening glass. You can actually adjust how tinted the glass is by pushing buttons to control it. If you want it completely blacked out, you can do it. If you want some sun and not full sun, you can do that, too. 

2. Seats that prevent leg cramps on long trips. 

Have you ever been on such a long trip that you have problems with your feet falling asleep or your legs cramping? This occurs because of the lack of blood circulation to the legs due to sitting for a long period. Some luxury automakers are aiming to help with that problem by implementing seats that vibrate and massage the backs of your legs to encourage blood flow. 

3. Heated steering wheel to prevent cold fingers. 

Forget getting in the car in the winter with gloves and still struggling with cold fingers. Some luxury cars actually have steering wheels that are heated to combat the problem. Simply flip on a switch when you get in the car on a cold day, and the steering wheel instantly warms so your hands stay cozy and warm. 

4. Auto-adjusting suspension system.

Hate potholes and rough roads? Most people do, and most people just have to deal with them. But if you find your way into some luxury vehicles, you can ride smoothly and comfortably even on the most pothole-ridden roads. An auto-adjusting suspension system utilizes a series of scanning sensors to detect what the upcoming driving surface looks like and adjusts the suspension system to accommodate. You won't feel a thing; just smooth rolling like you're driving on new asphalt. 

To learn more, contact a luxury car dealership about your options.

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