4 Things To Know About Buying A New Car During The COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Things To Know About Buying A New Car During The COVID-19 Pandemic

4 Things To Know About Buying A New Car During The COVID-19 Pandemic

24 April 2020
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In the United States, most of the country is under lockdown right now, and it looks like the lifting of restrictions will be gradual, making the process of buying a new vehicle a little different than any other spring. If you need a new car right now, there are some things you should do.

1. Research Cars Online

Now more than ever, spend time online looking up reviews about the various types of vehicles you are interested in purchasing. Look up the safety ratings of the vehicles you are interested in and familiarize yourself with the features. Really narrow down and determine what type of vehicle you are interested in purchasing. That way, you can spend as little time at the lot driving different vehicles.

2. Arrange for a Test Drive

Not all dealerships are open or running at full capacity right now, which is why you should call ahead to arrange for a test drive. Let the dealership know exactly what vehicle you want to drive so that they can get the vehicle ready for. Communication is key to ensure that everything is as clean as possible for your test drive.

Some dealerships are even willing to bring the car to you for a test drive, as some dealerships are shut down for in-person transactions.

3. Take Care of Negotiations Remotely

When it comes to negotiating for your new vehicle, take care of that remotely. You can arrange the financing and work on a deal for the vehicle that you want to purchase both over the phone and online. You can put your virtual signature on the loan documents and take care of all the paperwork without having to step into the dealership office. The less exposure you have to other people at this time, the safer everyone will be.

4. Arrange for Delivery of the Car

Finally, you can arrange to have the car delivered to your home once the financing is complete and the car with all the features you want is in stock. Many car dealerships are often delivery services at no extra charge.

That way, you don't have to go into the dealership to pick up your vehicle. The dealership will deliver the car to your home and give you the keys, allowing you to purchase a new car with as little contact as possible.

If you need a new car during the COVID-19 outbreak, many dealerships are willing to work with you to reduce your exposure to others during this time period. Talk to your local dealerships to see new cars for sale and learn how to handle the transaction safely.

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