5 New Technology Integrations To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

5 New Technology Integrations To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

5 New Technology Integrations To Look For In Your Next Vehicle

23 April 2020
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When it comes to purchasing a new car, don't forget to look at how any new vehicle you are buying incorporates technology into its set-up. Technology has become an integral part of everyday life, and it is essential to make sure any new vehicle you purchase is technology forward. Whether you buy an Audi or a Toyata, remember the following options.

1. Voice-Controlled Navigation Systems

Integrated navigation systems have become common in many higher-end and even some lower-end vehicles. However, having to physically touch the navigation system to use it can take your focus from the road where it should be to the navigation interface.

That is why many high-end vehicles are starting to move towards voice-controlled integrated navigation systems. With a voice-controlled system, you can still control the system and get help driving around without compromising your safety.

2. Integrated Bluetooth Streaming

Another key feature to look for is integrated Bluetooth streaming. With Bluetooth streaming, you can connect any Bluetooth enabled device, such as your phone and tablet, to your vehicle. You can use Bluetooth streaming to connect your phone to your car so that you can answer your phone without having to handle your phone. You can also use Bluetooth streaming to stream music and audiobooks over your speakers.

3. Connect to the Internet

Being able to connect to the internet has become an important part of daily life. There are now vehicles that allow you to sign up for an internet data plan for your vehicle. This allows the passengers in your vehicle to get on the internet with their devices without using their mobile data. Internet access can also be a great feature for people who drive around frequently for business; when at rest, you can sit in your car, connect to the internet, and get some work done.

4. Smartphone Interfacing

Vehicles are starting to include more integrated smartphone interfacing, allowing you to do more than answer your phone calls over Bluetooth. With smartphone integration, you can access apps on your phone via an interface in your vehicle, such as music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify. You can also get text messages read back to you and transcribe text messages.

5. High Definition Radio

High definition is not just for your television; it is also for your radio. Radio doesn't have to be crackly and low-quality. With a high-definition radio, all the audio will be cleaned up, and you will be able to enjoy high-quality audio when listening to the audio.

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, pay attention to not just what is under the hood but to the technology that is integrated into the experience of using and being in your vehicle. New types of technology, such as voice-controlled navigation systems, integrated Bluetooth streaming, internet connection, smartphone interfacing, and high-definition radio, all are designed to allow you to enjoy technology in your vehicle. 

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