Car Making Strange Noises? What 4 Different Noises Mean

Car Making Strange Noises? What 4 Different Noises Mean

Car Making Strange Noises? What 4 Different Noises Mean

15 April 2020
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When you drive your car around, ideally, all you want to hear is the perfect hum of the engine. If your vehicle is making more noise than that, you need to get your vehicle checked out by your mechanic. If your car starts making funny noises, it can be helpful to know why it is making those sounds, so you can know what kind of repairs it may need.

Noise #1: Squeaking Noise

If your car starts to make a squeaking noise when you push on the brakes, your brake pads are likely worn down. When your brake pads wear down, they start to make contact with the rotors, which is what causes the squeaking sound.

If you take care of the issue as soon as you start to hear the squeaking sound, you may only need to replace the brake pads. If you wait too long, you will need to get the rotors resurfaced and possibly replaced.

Noise #2: Clunking Sound

A clunking sound is really loud. It sounds almost like something heavy is being knocked around. Clunking sounds often are emitted when you go over bumps in the road because your suspension is damaged. That clunking sound generally means your suspension has become loose or is already broken. You shouldn't drive your car with a broken suspension.

Noise #3: Chirping Sound

Your vehicle should not sound like a bird. If your vehicle starts to sound like a bird is signing under the hood, that chirping sound generally means you have a pulley or belt that is coming apart or is already broken. When the pulley or belt breaks, your engine will stop working, so if you hear this sound, it is a good idea to take your vehicle directly to a repair shop or pull over and get your vehicle towed to a repair shop.

Noise #4: Groaning Sound

A groaning sound is usually associated with a wheel bearing that is going bad. When the wheel bearing wears out, you will hear a groaning sound when you turn your vehicle. You may also hear it more when you speed up. The groaning sound seems a lot like the sound you hear when driving on the rumble strip, but not so loud. You can a bit on a damaged wheel bearing, but you are going to want to get it fixed right away.

If your car starts to make any strange sounds, call your mechanic and explain the situation so your mechanic can know if you should bring your vehicle in right away. With strange sounds, you don't want to risk driving more than necessary. For more information about Nissan repairs, call a mechanic. 

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